How to reset your password

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June 2 2020Backgammon Galaxy

Step 1: Click on ”Forgot password” in top of the screen. how to reset password 01

Step 2: Input your email address from your account, and click in the captcha box, and click ”Send password reset email”. If you have already done this step and received a reset code, then click ”I already have a code”. how to reset password 02

Step 3: Now this box below will appear. Now you must go to your email inbox to copy and paste the reset code. how to reset password 03

Step 4: Go to your email inbox and copy the reset code sent to you. (If you cannot find the email, remember to check your spam filter.) how to reset password 04

Step 5: Paste the copied code into the first edit box, and then input your new password twice to confirm it. Remember, the password must be at least 4 characters long, it is case sensitive and cannot contain any unusual characters. If this step fails, it is probably because the password you have requested is not valid. Click on ”Reset password” to confirm your new password. how to reset password 05

Step 6: After a successful password reset, you get the following screen message, and your password are now changed. how to reset password 06

Step 7: Go back to the front page and log in with your ”username” and ”password”. Notice it is not your email address used to log in, it is your username. how to reset password 07

Step 8: You are now logged in with your new password. how to reset password 08