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June 3 2020Backgammon Galaxy

- Galaxy window is a bit slow, especially when trying to confirm a move.

Probable cause: You are having multiple windows open of the same match. Always try to avoid having multiple instances of the same game open, in browser apps.

Other probable cause: Your internet connection is very slow or unstable.

- Login problems.

Probable cause: You are not inputting the correct username or password. The login is the "username" not your email, and it is case sensitive. Sometimes, when opening up an account on mobile, the first letter is automatically set to a capital letter by default. This might be something to be aware of.

Other probably cause: You har forgotten your password, and you can use the reset password functionality to recover your password. If you have lost and forgotten your username, try to ask a friend that you have recently played with, if he can find your match in his analysis lobby, to see what username you had.

- After last updated version, I cannot login:

This is most likely, because your browser stores information about the old version. You must first of all close all galaxy browser windows and re-open. If that doesn't help, you must clear your cache. If you don't know how to clear the cache, you can ask google. If that still doesn't work, try from a private browser window (or in Google Chrome it's called "incognito"). Last resort is to use a different browser. Eventually your browser will work again.

- Matches were not analyzed and rated.

Probable cause: The connection to the XG analysis server was down, in the time interval of the match. This can happen from time to time. There is unfortunately no way of analyzing and rating matches in retrospect, at the moment.