UBC 2019 rules set

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July 19 2019Backgammon Galaxy

UBC – Ultimate Backgammon Championship

The rules of the championship match:

Point system:

Twelve 7-point matches.

One point for a match win.

One point for an error rate win.

This gives a total of 24 point to play for. The player who reaches 13 points first, will win the match.

In case of a draw in points after all twelve matches, the player with the lowest average error rate will win the championship title.

Clock settings:

12 second delay pr. move.

14 minute time bank, pr. match.

If the time bank runs out, the player will lose the match.

In case of an unsuccessful roll (for instance a die falls out side of the board), the delay on the clock will be reset for the re-roll.

Analysis details:

There will be no push margins in terms of the winner of the Error rate battle. We will go to three decimal points on the XG analysis. In case of the extreme unlikelyhood of a perfect tie on the third decimal, the error rate will be a draw, and both players will receive one point.

1st pass XG roller++

Search interval: Large

Bear off database: 15 checkers over 6 points

ME-tabel: Kazaross XG2

Check mark in "Use Opening book", "Do not roll Opening book moves", "Wrong Double/Take is an error".

No check mark in "do not calculate resign errors" & "Error compared to XG".


No baffle box, players has to use a cup to roll themselves. Legal dice can land on the playing surface in their right side of the board, AND on top of the checkers in their right side of the board, as long as the dice is facing upwards with no uneven angles. If the dice land anywhere else, it will be illegal dice.

Both dice has to be rolled at the same time, obviously.

If any matters should arise, outside of this rules set, the tournament director Marc Olsen, will decide on the course of action.